The Little FWRR

Octorber 31, 2011  Halloween at Fort Wilderness Campground

We arrived at the Fort on Saturday, for our second Halloween, with my neighbor and “candy loader” Darrell, bringing his fifth wheel. We set up the canopy and table base on Saturday:
We finally got things set up and ran the trains Sunday until about 9 PM:
Here is the computer and control electronics. The black building is the haunted candy loader. We put a handful of candy in the hole in the bottom brown section, and the elevator takes it to the top and dumps it into the hopper cars. Then the train proceeds to the brown dump station where a fork lift tips the hopper cars and dumps the candy into the kids hands or bags.
On Halloween, after the decorated golf cart parade, the kids began to show up:
Moms and grandmothers enjoyed watching their kids get candy:
A Disney employee came and helped out for a while:
While Darrell entertained the kids, I played photographer for the night:
While we gave out candy, the FWRR train sat on display at the Gateway Depot:
Even princesses seemed to enjoy trains:
We had another Happy Halloween at the Fort Wilderness Campground!