The Little FWRR

"The Little FWRR" is an automated model train layout, controlled by software running on a laptop computer, and by electronic input and output control modules on printed circuit boards. The software and hardware modules are produced by CTI Electronics of Baltimore, Maryland. The software allows the user to custom program the automation of the railroad layout, including engine speed and direction, turnouts, and any other analog or digital functions in the layout. For example, it  triggers the dumping of the ore cars that were used to deliver candy on Halloween. The computer monitors sensors placed in the track to determine the location of the trains. Other custom circuits, such as needed relays and lighting controls were also built and incorporated into the layout by the Engineer.

This project was inspired by my interest in Disney trains, computers and my past employment in the Digital Animation Control System (DACS) section of the Audio-Animatronics Division at Walt Disney World.

Here is the recently expanded electronics control panel with most of the electronics, including the CTI Electronics control modules.